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The Sculpt Pod Oxygen

For Weight Loss

Our New Ozone Therapy Pods for Weight Loss and over all Wellness can be found at many of our Sculpt Pod locations.


Some say that ozone therapy helps you lose weight by breaking down your body fat. According to recent research, hyperthermic or transdermal ozone therapy has a powerful oxygenating effect on your body. We use pod-like machines to get oxygen into your body, through your skin.


Know that your body fat is a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The theory behind ozone therapy is that when you add oxygen to the body fat, it breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, which is urinated out of your body, or carbon and oxygen molecules which leaves your body when you sweat.

The hot steam cabinet introduces your body to ozone through the skin. This is called transdermal ozone.

When you allow the steam to penetrate your skin, opening your pores. The ozone penetrates the lymph, blood and fat. Toxins are removed from your body, so your body no longer needs extra fat to store them.


Burn 250 to 500 calories by spending 20 to 40 minutes in the steam cabinet.



2#Far Infrared Benefits


 As FIR can penetrate skin, it creates a natural resonance with body, making a massage in depth, promoting metabolism, improves pain relief, detoxification, circulation, increasing peripheral blood flow. It is used for weight loss, body shaping, cellular purification (remove toxins), chronic health treatment etc. for beauty salon and hydro. Main Benifits are below:

1)Burn fat, lose weight and beautify body shapes. Softly enjoy optical wave bath can consume the energy and also burn the calories .According to the tests, after having the optical wave bath 20 minutes, it can consume 600 calories'energy. It is equal to the metabolism energy of 10 kilometers'running.

2)Elimate toxins, get skin smooth and healthy back. There are a lot of toxins accumulate in human body, such as sodium (Na), alcohol and nicotine. The entire toxins can be made get rid of through the perspiration. At the same time, the impurity which deeply inside the skin and the dead skin tissue can be took out by sweating. Then return you with moist and healthy skin, also increase blood circulation so that more nutrient material can be taken to skin.

3)Stress release, keep healthy. FIR helps the body cell produce, do deep optical message, strengthen the body immunity, ease facial tense nerve and muscle, to improve sub-health condition.  You would feel very relaxed, chilled and  vigorous.

4)Far Infrared heat therapy is known to prevent, combat and kill cancerous cells. Also used for other deseases treatment, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis and mascule recovery.

3#The Features of our Infrared System / Technolgy

 The Unique Feature of our Far Infrared Equipments is its far infrared material: Korea Far Infrared Electric Heating Film.

1)More comfortable with high security:

 Adopt a low-temperature radiant heating tech. The surface TEMP is 40°C to 60°C, won't cause burns. As the TEMP of the evenly distributed films is little higher than our body, no sorching feeling like in hot sun or bunrning hot feeling under infrared tubes. 9pcs in shell, 3pcs in the bed makes this far infrared system layout more reasonable, it likes a 360°circle wrapped body, delivering pure infrared rays into skin evenly under soft TEMP.

2)More efficient:

 The best and most efficient FIR Scope for weight loss and health care is  8 -15 microns. Those FIRs permeate fat and make the rightest effects on cellulites and detoxication.

3)More Reliable and Purer

 There is a Thick Far Infrared coating sintered on the film by high temperature, very strong and waterproof, won't drop off. If no this infrared coating, no infrared rays at all, the products without this coating are not real infrared devices.

4)More authoritative:
CE authorized, Korean Test Report PTC patent, ensured by PICC, presents the most advanced FIR tech. Service life is 30,000 hours at least under normal operation

4#Comparison of 3 kinds of Far Infrared Material

Appendix 2: Ozone System:                                                                                                  

What is Ozone 

Ozone (O3) is a kind of colorless gas under normal temperature, smells like special grass. O3 has a strong oxidizing power and can release oxygen immediately while meet steam, which means the Ozone Cabin not only has ozone therapeutic actions but also oxygen therapy. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent and the most sanitary  disinfectant, can kill the bacteria in the air fast under a proper concentrations. Also have different kinds of therapeutic actions.

What are the advantages of Ozone? 

Accelerate metabolism, give the cell a fresh bath to reach the detoxification efficacy 

The most direct detoxification way is by perspiration. When O3 pass into body, it will turn macromolecular water into micromelecules active water, therefore, it improves intercellular environment, accelerate metabolism and inactive cells. Meanwhile, when it takes oxygen into cells, it will take out the toxin which deposits into the cells, then, it takes them out of body by sweat gland which is the biggest excretory organ. This process like taking a bath for cells and making the cells do exercise to keep good health. 

Skin diseases treatment, gynecological treatment 

Kill the harmful bacteria on the skin to let skin have a comprehensive treatment, it only kills the harmful bacteria, doesn't cause any bad effect to the beneficial ones. It has a strong pure three oxygen oxidizing ability and only kills anaerobic bacteria and virus won't do any harm to the normal human cells. 

Detox body ,Detoxification for joints and soft tissue 

Ozone Sauna can repair cartilage, get rid of aseptic inflammation and improve blood supply, it is the only way to treat the aseptic inflammation so far. 

Anti-aging and anti-cancer 

It is said that he secret prescription of anti-aging for The Britain's queen mother is doing ozone injection, because injection will increase oxygen a lot for the cells and achieve detoxification and rejuvenate skin.

Medical Ozone Generator Series, built-out Capsule    

4#Usage of Ozone and Oxygen

1)Ozone Sauna: Using the ozone generator, we'd like to suggest to use pure oxygen as the Ozone generating source, oxygen would be conveyed into ozone generator through the tube. Then, under Hight Voltage, O2 would be turned into O3 and be delivered into the capsule through the other tube

2)Two ways getting pure oxygen as the source to generate Ozone: 1.Oxygen Concentrator; 2.Medical Oxygen bottles

3)Oxygen sauna: Oxygen mist which is generated from the oxygen concentrator would be conveyed into spa capsule while turning on the sauna function.


This Ozone and Oxygen Combination Picture is taken GM-1022 for an example